Kathie Pierce, Chair

Kathie has been practicing service and sharing from a very early age. As a candy striper she learned about healing. Today, as a volunteer fundraiser for the VNA, she makes healing possible. Kathie was instrumental in acquiring a transformational gift that helped to start the VNA Hospice House Endowment Fund soon after the house was built in 2000. Since 2003, Kathie has served on the VNA & Hospice Foundation Board of Directors and has served as many leadership roles including chairman of the Annual Appeal, Memorial Paver and Donor Relations committees as well as serving as vice chairman of the board.

VNA & Hospice Foundation Board Members:

Emily Sherwood, Vice Chair
Sarah Connors, Vice Chair
Kathleen LaCroix, Treasurer
William N. Hudson, Jr., Assistant Treasurer
Carole Finck, Secretary
Stacy L. Kenyon, Assistant Secretary
Carol Kanarek, Immediate Past Chair
Ann Marie McCrystal, Founder
Kathryn Barton
Lynde Karin
Michael McGee
Janis Nordstrom
Susan Rodgers
Marta Schneider
William P. Stengel
Bill Stewart