Delivering high quality care means keeping up with technology.  

The healthcare industry is finally catching up with the tech world. Telemonitoring provides a safe, cost-effective solution to care for patients living with a chronic disease. One of the main goals of telemonitoring is allowing patients to live safely at home and keeping them out of the hospital. This not only keeps healthcare costs down but reduces stress on the patient.

Through the VNA’s telemonitoring program, devices are placed in the patient’s home and connected through a phone line. Every day, the patient must interact with the device by answering questions for symptom analysis and take readings such as weight, blood pressure, pulse rate and oxygen levels. That information is transmitted to the VNA and examined by our clinical team.

Benefits of the VNA’s telemonitoring program

Early detection is one of the greatest benefits telemonitoring offers because it allows for VNA nurses to take action before a health crisis occurs. Our clinicians work with the physician and can make recommendations on changing the patient’s plan-of-care as needed.

Telemonitoring offers peace of mind to both patients and physicians. Patients can rest assure that, every day, their health is being monitored by a healthcare professional, and should their disease progress, someone is there to help them. Physicians can remain confident that their patients are being overseen by our skilled clinical team who can identify problems before it results in unnecessary hospitalization.

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