Board-certified music therapists provide music therapy to hospice patients and the community through local collaborative efforts.

The American Music Therapy Association’s definition of music therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program. It provides physical, emotional and spiritual support and offers a compassionate and non-invasive approach to patients and their families receiving hospice or home health care.

Benefits of music therapy

Patients who receive music therapy services do not need to have any musical background to benefit from the program. Patients and their families can listen, enjoy music or participate actively by singing or playing instruments. Benefits of music therapy include increased relaxation, reduced pain, reduced anxiety, cognitive improvements and developing coping skills.

A music therapy session may include instrument playing, songwriting or lyric discussions, creating legacy projects, singing beloved songs or simply listening to music.

Community Music Therapy Program

The Community Music Therapy program is the most recent addition to the Music Therapy department at the Visiting Nurse Association (VNA). Founded in October of 2022 and made possible through a partnership with the Indian River County Hospital District, as well as our generous donors, the Community Music Therapy program offers music therapy to Indian River County residents throughout the community. Through collaborations with local organizations, the Community Music Therapy program seeks to reach the marginalized and disempowered people who may be at risk for various physical or mental health complications due to their social circumstances, race or comorbid conditions.

The program primarily provides group music therapy sessions with a goal of addressing mental and emotional health by providing musical coping skills that empower participants to manage their own health. The music therapist focuses on group cohesion and supporting one another, drum circles, songwriting and musical exploration allowing each client to grow individually as well as in the context of the group. Groups are offered through collaborative partner organizations who are already serving the target population to ensure they are convenient and accessible to anyone who might experience difficulty traveling to multiple locations to receive services.

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