Going Beyond Clinical Care Program

Many of our patients cannot afford the essential durable medical equipment they need, let alone household items that will enhance their quality of life. It takes little to imagine how a cane, shower chair or bedside commode would be extremely beneficial to patients and families. However, can you imagine not being able to afford a bedside trashcan to dispose of used bandages or puzzles to aide with memory or dexterity. Have you considered how patients who can barely afford their food or medications are able to live their lives with dignity and enjoyment?

Join us as we elevate our patient’s lives by going Beyond Clinical Care.

The VNA & Hospice Foundation seeks contributions to support ongoing patient needs of necessary amenities, equipment and end-of-life wishes.

Durable medical equipment and other medical supplies are essential for improving the quality of our patients’ lives.

Providing high quality, innovative health care sometimes includes more than just the compassionate hands-on care our clinicians provide every day. Some patients may lack the financial resources to acquire the durable medical equipment and other essential medical supplies necessary to allow them to remain in their homes after a hospital stay. Gait belts help VNA therapists to work with patients by preventing patient slips and falls during their treatments. PT/INR machines and their corresponding supplies allow VNA nurses to check the medication levels of our patients while providing care. Your donations to fund the purchase of medical supplies or durable medical equipment for patients with little to no financial resources greatly improves their quality of life and offers them the quality care everyone deserves.