For patients who receive in-home hospice care, it’s often family members who become the patients’ primary caregiver. The end-of-life journey can be physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting. Even though caregivers receive support from VNA Hospice clinicians, they can still easily become overwhelmed, making it difficult for them to not only care for their loved ones, but for themselves as well.

The VNA Hospice Respite Care Program can help those primary caregivers by having the hospice patient stay at the VNA Hospice House. The Medicare benefit allows for up to five days each month in respite care, covering transportation and a five day stay in the Hospice House. This break for the primary caregiver gives them the opportunity to recharge and rest, resulting in less caregiver burnout and more energy to devote to their loved ones.

It’s vitally important that caregivers understand they have resources like this to help them during such a difficult process. And they can rest easy because a respite stay at the Hospice House means that their loved ones will be well cared for 24/7 in a homelike environment. The spacious 12,000 square-foot building has 12 private patient rooms with attached baths, which are beautifully appointed to feel like a home and not a hospital room. The Hospice House also has state-of-the-art technology, an in-house chef, and other amenities that patients and families can enjoy in a cozy, inviting environment.

When a patient is on respite care in the VNA Hospice House, they are comfortably cared for by VNA staff while their primary caregiver can take the time they need to rest, travel, and get things done that they otherwise couldn’t when caring for the patient. Respite care is about providing round-the-clock care the patient needs, while the primary caregiver can take the time to care for themselves.

The Hospice House is a vital community resource completely funded by our donors. The VNA would not be able to provide respite care without your philanthropic support. If you would like more information on the VNA Hospice Respite Care Program or how you can support the VNA Hospice House, please visit or call (772) 567-5551.