The Visiting Nurse Association of the Treasure Coast (VNA) touches many lives every day and it’s our donors that allow us to help bring care to those who need it. Through specialized programs and services, we provide care focused on the whole person, ensuring our patients always experience optimal quality of life. VNA & Hospice Foundation Director of Development, Michelle Deschane, notes, “Our donors are an integral piece of the VNA family, allowing us to provide essential programs and services to members of our community.”

During our last fiscal year, through the generosity of our donors, the VNA was able to:

    • Perform 91,504 home health visits to 4,257 patients
    • Cover $537,177 to pay for the care of 186 patients who couldn’t afford the healthcare they needed
    • Care for 1,811 hospice patients for a total of 63,974 days of hospice care
    • Grant 15 end-of-life wishes to hospice patients through our Project Wish Program
    • See 4,032 patients on the VNA Mobile Unit
    • Administer 1,420 flu and COVID-19 vaccines
    • Educate 592 individuals on their healthcare needs through our Community Health Services
    • Screen 345 patients during 34 health screening clinics held throughout the county

Whether it’s home health, private care, hospice or community health services, the VNA is committed to ensuring our patients and their families are cared for physically, emotionally and spiritually. That is the essence of whole person care. According to CEO Lundy Fields, “Whole person care goes beyond just providing episodic care for our patients. Whole person care means evaluating the patients’ environment to determine if there are ways the VNA can assist them to improve the care experience and deliver on our WHY? Statement: as a team to provide excellent care to patients and families–with integrity, compassion, knowledge and love, so that patients experience optimal quality of life at all times.”

When it’s broken down into those numbers, it’s amazing to see how many people VNA has helped with the support of our donors. Behind those numbers are uplifting stories about the whole person care the VNA brings to our patients and families, which includes quality medical care, emotional support, comfort, relief, and so much more. The VNA strongly believes in our mission to care for everyone in the community, including the underserved populations in need of care. And it’s your support that makes our mission a reality. You bring whole person care into homes all around this community making an impact on the lives of those who need our services.